It’s another Travel Tuesdays edition, to remind you that you cannot afford to work all day, all month in the year 2018 without taking a vacation.
Actually, you are not allowed to.

There are amazing places to visit in Nigeria, and especially Lagos to unwind on some weekends; but also, you should plan to take days off to a country/town you have never been to.

Of course, there would be thousands and one things to do with your money and time, but those things hardly ever disappear.
They will always be there, in different forms.

A vacation is not a luxury, it is a necessity.
It could be another town, city or country, just take some time out of your usual environment.

You should put a plan in place now; early enough to help you make sure you do not procrastinate again this year. Here are the few reasons you need to get to planning your 2018 vacation now.

1. Most hotels are running deals that will save you up to 30% on the original price. (You can check sites like

2. A vacation helps you to experience and savoir rare moments that give you a perspective shift. We get too involved in our challenges that we hardly have time to think about others or even understand what the world truly needs from us. A break might be all you need to understand the world is much bigger than you and your little challenges no matter how big you make it seem.

3. Planning for a trip that is 5 months or 4 months or 6 months away will allow you plan your payments. (I know has a ‘wakanow pay small-small’ thing that allows you pay in installments towards a trip).

4. Although it might seem you are taking time off to do nothing, a vacation actually helps you to be more productive at work. It helps you perform better as an entrepreneur or as an employee. Your brain takes the needed rest and your creativity increases.

5. It has been proven that people that take vacations at least twice a year, have a better health than people who take vacations once in 6 years and longer. And we all know the quote that says that health is wealth.

6. It makes you happier. The process of planning a trip alone makes you happy, and then while on the trip; you appreciate life and you are the happiest. When you also get back, you are happy to share the details of your trip; so it’s all happy hormones.

7. It builds relationship; especially if you take the trip with a friend or with your family. It deepens the bond and help both parties appreciate the gift of friendship/relationship.

8. It allows you to bring out the playful side of you that you have probably caged for the longest. We are too busy growing up that we forget what it is to have fun with ourselves by ourselves or with others or nature.

9. Planning a vacation gives you the reason to work harder and better, because you all of a sudden understand that you are not only slaving to pay bills. You will actually appreciate your work more as it is a tool that allows you to enjoy yourself and go to places you always wanted to visit.

10. It allows you to cope better with stress. It’s a time to let go of issues and think clearly about solutions.

I repeat, for most of us who are just climbing the ladder of our careers/businesses, there will be no perfect time or income/savings to take a time-off work; we just need to know it is a must to take the time off to be bale to climb these ladders lighter.

Where do you plan to go this year?
Would you want me to post a full travel guide to some of the amazing vacation destinations?

Don’t forget there are so many places to visit in Nigeria as well and there countries you can visit as a Nigerian without needing a visa.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

10 Reasons You Need To Plan A Vacation Now

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