Released Chibok Girls and their parents in a launch in Abuja

During a recent event in Abuja, the Chibok girls and their parents had a launch with the government where future plans were discussed.

The amazing part is that the Chibok girls are said to be ready to resume their academic sessions in September, The Guardian reports.

The Chibok girls were captured by the Boko Haram terrorists from their schools and although some have been rescued, some more are still left behind.

(We pray the rest gets released as well… Amen)

Even though I am so happy for these girls who have been released, and grateful on behalf of their parents for the government’s interest in making sure they get the needed education; I can’t help but wonder how the separation must have affected both parties.

To be separated in love even when you can keep in touch with your loved one, can be tough; much more when you are separated with no contact.

I can’t but think of how there might never be a parent and child relationship again between these girls and their parents again.

It isn’t automatic.

They have gone through a lot in this separation that they most likely have thought they would never see their parents again and vice versa. So, how do they begin to make their hearts truly come back?

Most people will probably think just because they are happy to see each other means they are automatically back at heart, but no.
These terrorists might have stolen that bond forever.

I know this because I have experienced a tiny part of separation; and I know how hard it was getting back at heart even though we spoke regularly.

All we can is wish these girls the best and we hope one day soon, terrorism is totally defeated in our country and in the world at large.

Photo Credit: TheGuardian

The Chibok Girls and the pain of separation
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