I know I’m always late on Sundays, forgive me.
It’s my full REST dayyyyyy. LOL

However, I’m happy I’m here as always.

I have decided to make sure Sunday recipes come up 12:00pm latest every Sunday starting from next week.

I just realized that if I don’t put a time, I might just not be able to make this post as useful and as helpful as it could be.

Today’s recipe is (drum roll)… Barbecue Chicken. Lol

I’m sure you can tell from my title how I feel about Chickens on Sundays.

The same way I feel Sunday is Jollof rice day, is the way I feel a good home-made BBQ chicken also belongs to Sundays.

This recipe is from one of the best YouTube channels for recipes; Caribbean Pot.

Enjoy and please let me know when you try this.

Watch below:

Video/Photo Credit: YouTube/Caribbeanpot

Sunday Recipe🥘: What’s a Sunday without Barbecue Chicken?
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