When last did you take care of your body? Not your mind, not your bank, not your emotions; just your physical body?

We tend to get all lost in the quest to be more and to achieve more, that we forget the main driver.

We forget that no matter how far we want to go and perhaps need to go, if we do not take care of it, we probably won’t be going anywhere.

You can’t ignore the one thing that keeps your spirit useful and your mind functioning.

As much as in the hierarchy of which is most important, we do not think of the physical body, it might shock you that it is the one that we can’t function without.

And there are many ways to take care of the body, and more importantly, there are free/home methods to make sure it is pampered and not neglected.

Here are the few I found while I was reading about it.
(Some are super hilarious, but I’m sure works). I am trying a few this weekend as well, I hope you.

  1. Take yourself out on a date – Commune with yourself, by yourself.
  2. Take a bubble bath – Just soak yourself in water until you are totally relaxed and ready to move. No time limit, no concerns, no phones, just you and your body.
  3. Read a new book – Setting aside a time of the week, or a day of the week or a period where you can just crawl into yourself and enjoy a good read will do wonders to your body.
  4. Try something different – Try a new hairstyle, a new manicure, a new makeup; anything new that will bring your attention to your body. Something that you would normally not do; more like a treat for your body.
  5. A photo-shoot – I know it sounds vain, and funny to start doing photo-shoot for no reason, but it will help you to appreciate your body. It will help you to realize how important your body is. And don’t forget it is one thing that is not constant and so, you want to be able to celebrate each stage.
  6. Eat healthy for a period or just start making healthy choices – So many times we get entangled in the situations of life that we forget that we are what we eat. Just take a conscious decision to feed your body the right types of food.
  7. Speak or write to yourself – You need to take a moment and write or speak loving words to your body. Appreciate how far its kept you and thank it for the strength it portrays.
  8. Exercise – how about you keep it firm and strong, so that it can sustain you.

I hoe you will be able to try some or all of these as well, and continue to do it as a practice.

We can’t afford to ignore our bodies because if it quits on us, we lose everything.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

When Last Did You Take Care of Your Body? | Try These 8 Ways
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