Peace Hyde is theĀ Forbes Africa Head Digital Media & Partnerships and theĀ Ā founder ofĀ @AimHigherAfrica.

She is one of the women I adore on Instagram because she is very conscious of the message she passes and doesn’t hold back on her faith, while trying to help others build theirs.

Peace Hyde is my style limelight today because she is a powerful, successful woman who is full of drive and faith. Also, she makes the curvy look good.

It’s funny her name is Peace, because she looks and act so peacefully.
It’s enviable.

(Of course you know I had to mention curvy).
Here are some of her fabulous styles.

Photo Credit:Ā Instagram/pea_chy

Style LimelightšŸ’«: A Peaceful life never goes out of Style | Peace Hyde
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