I have always heard of the phrase: ‘Stop when you are done, not when you are tired’.

However, it didn’t make much sense to me, until recently when I started getting tired of putting in the needed work into certain projects, and as I kept struggling; the phrase kept coming to mind.

It just kept reminding me that the fact that I am tired didn’t mean I was done.

It reminded me that the fact that I had reaped a little harvest didn’t mean I was done planting.

I realized that I need to keep going because there is definitely more from where the little harvest came from.

I realized that consistency is so tough, but I have to keep giving it.

What comes to mind right now is the story of that prophet in the bible that God told to go give someone a message, and He asked that he left the town immediately he was done but Instead, he decided to eat and rest for a while.
He was then killed on his way by lions or bears (not sure) because he had wasted time.

It only means that timing is everything and delay/disobedience to our calling is dangerous.

The result you get is heavily dependent on how perfect your timing is.

You cannot afford to put in a little work and then relax; and never return or return much more at a convenient time.

Sometimes, you just cannot afford to stop.

It’s also like exercising.
I read that the first 10-15 mins only burn sugars and carbohydrates; that Fat only start to burn when you are 30mins in.

So, if you quit at 10mins everyday, you will only be burning off sugars and carbohydrates and your result will not be the same with the person that is working out 45 mins everyday burning fat.

I guess the essence of this article is to remind you that as you go through this week, you should never forget that you don’t stop when you are not done.

It doesn’t matter how discouraging it gets or how tiring it is, you keep putting in the needed work non-stop.

There is no stopping you, and don’t forget as well that as much as you don’t cheat nature, it never will cheat you.

Finally, don’t forget there is a greater force that controls it all.
Stay grounded and winning in HIM.

Blessed week ahead Queens.

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