I read a post by a female blogger yesterday who almost gave up what she loves because someone she had looked up to all her life, questioned her success.

I just could relate, not because I had experienced the same situation, but because I have an idea of how hurt I would feel if someone I adored so much did the same.

Then it confirms why I feel uncomfortable about this new wave of social media mentor-mentee relationship quest.

I recently attended a paid program where the organizers treated some of us without the 1million followers like we were there to beg.

Yet, attended to the ‘celebrities’ who most likely attended for free like they were the reason she put the event together.

I began to wonder if the purpose for the event was truly to impact and assist those of us who came to be better, or just to have an event where all ‘celebrities’ could attend and post on social media.

I soon realized the kind of person the organizer was and I took my life into my hands at that event.
I made sure I did all she was supposed to do for me, but did only for the ‘celebrities’.

It just also made me understand that not many people who appears to want to help, will help.
Some people you look up to, are only who they are in the face of the ‘camera’.

They act like they are the best thing to have happened after Mary Slessor, but it’s all lies.
They really don’t care about you.

Don’t live your life around them or around their lies.
Work so hard knowing that you have no one, but yourself to prove your worth to.

Make sure you work so hard and smart that nothing ‘they’ say changes how you feel about yourself.

Also, always remember that your life is a moving train and not everyone will get in, even though they are headed the same direction.
And it’s fine, we will all meet at the destination.

Work until you both sit in the same meetings and they wish they supported you.
Become so successful that they will yearn to call you daughter.

In it all all, know that we are all working to make the world a better place. There is no competition.
Do your bit and let them do theirs.

In conclusion, don’t set yourself up for disappointment relying on others’ judgement and definition of successful.
Be your own type of success.

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Fulfillment is a personal thing: Be Your Own Type of Success
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