As I opened my laptop to write this morning, the breeze of tiredness/discouragement blew hard around me, and it loomed around for a while probably waiting to enter the deep of my skin.

Of course I was aware and although I didn’t have the strength to blow it all off, I had enough to guard my heart, so it didn’t penetrate.

I wanted to just shut the laptop down back and look for what else to do, or perhaps bid for more jobs; but I didn’t.

I didn’t because the test of our love for what we do, and the depth of our dedication to our purpose only arise when we hit rock bottom.

Rock bottom of discouragement, loneliness, fear, failure amongst other things.

I couldn’t even shut my laptop down, so I was staring at it for the longest time.
Writing is my life; and the fact that I know someone out there cares, is all that keeps me going.

(I checked the number of visitors, and I just couldn’t imagine disappointing these anonymous ‘faithfuls’ who are probably waiting for my next post).

I didn’t decide to blog/write just to waste time or get busy, Nope. It was a conscious, directed and purposeful move.

Writing is way more important to me than that.
(Which is why I don’t do gist or filler stories. If I don’t feel it, I am not writing about it).

The purpose of this blog is so that every woman out there, can find a place to bury their heads when they need to get ‘pumped up’.

I want to create a virtual sisterhood consisting of Queens, who are so confident in their queening that they allow each other shine.

The blog is for every woman to share and also learn about things to make them more powerful as the Queens to their thrones.

For them to know that it is possible to be a great woman in all ramification.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter how I feel right now, I have to look at the bigger picture and keep pushing.

Likewise, all we you need is consistency.

And like I mention in a post on the importance of consistency, it is one word I am fighting hard to practice.
It isn’t going to be a walk in a park, but it’s going to be worth it.

So, whatever your hands find to do, no matter how discouraged or tired you are; keep DOING. Keep your eyes on the goal and let purpose be the driver of your actions.

Remember, there is nothing you sow that you will not reap.
It’s only a matter of TIME.

In conclusion, make sure you know your ‘Why’, because it is the only thing that will keep you going in the face of discouragements.

Happy New week Queens, let’s smash this week’s goal with the tip of our heels, okay?

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Queen’s Drive: Your ‘WHY’ is the weapon against ‘DISCOURAGEMENT’
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