Cyber-bullying is one of the many things we ignore in this part of the world. We subconsciously push it aside, yet it is increasing by the day.

People get very comfortable bullying other people over the slightest reason on the internet, not putting the feelings of the other person into consideration.

If you don’t believe me, look into the comments section of some celebrities and you will be shocked people typed out those words.

I will never understand why anyone will feel obliged to say/write negative/insulting words to someone else just because they do not understand or agree with the person’s action.

Cyber-bullying is an intentional act and can be stopped. It includes rumors, gossiping, teasing, insults, lies, name-calling, harrasment, mean-words and the likes.

I am writing this just to make sure you are not one of these people and if you are, to make you have a change of heart because there is no reason the words you speak should make someone else unhappy.

Also, there was this one-time ‘Chigurl’ said someone called her ugly and she was down for days, because she was already battling some personal issues.
Hence my next point.

We never know the battle anyone is facing, and you don’t want to be the reason someone else gives up on herself or on life.

Don’t be too fast to call people out in the name of being real.

Resist the urge to want to sound mean, just because you think it’s cool.

Kindness is never out of style.

Kindness never hurts anyone.

It is the only gift you should leave with anyone.

Finally, it isn’t only the words you speak, but the words you write and your attitude towards people.

Treat everyone the way you would want to be treated.

Leave the world knowing that you tried your absolute best to show love and kindness to everyone you met.

Have a great week ahead, and be KIND to one another.

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Can we talk about Cyber-Bullying for a minute?
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