More people are willing to have cosmetic surgeries now than ever, and although it’s safe to remain as you are, also, no one has the right to tell you what to do with yourself.

There are different types of cosmetic surgeries and they are:

  1. Aesthetic Surgery- Facial and body aesthetic surgery.
  2. Craniofacial Surgery – Treatment of anomalies of the congenital of the craniofacial skeletons and soft tissues.
  3. Hand Surgery- Hand and wrist injuries or diseases.
  4. Microsurgery – Transfer of a tissue to the reconstructed part and reconnecting blood vessel.
  5. Pediatric Surgery – Children surgeries which most likely are as a result of birth defects or any anomalies in the body.

The most common type is the aesthetic surgery, and although it seems logical to travel alone to a far country to have it done, here are the pros and cons of doing that.


  1. You can combine your holiday quest with any plastic procedure of your choice. Most people go to Brazil, India, Mexico, South Africa and many other countries with beautiful destinations in a bid to have your cosmetic surgery; yet have fun rather than have a Crown Point plastic surgery.
  2. The prices of these surgeries in most cosmetic surgery clinics abroad are quite affordable compared to the local fee.
  3. There is absolute privacy. You are able to keep it with zero worries about people visiting you. You can simply just come back from your vacation totally healed and say nothing to anyone.
  4. There is zero wait time. They are always ready to operate on as many patients. Even if you have to wait, the wait-time is very limited when compared to local hospitals.
  5. You have so many hospitals to choose from; unlike here where you only have a few who perform these surgeries.


  1. The state of your body while traveling puts you at more risk of having complications.
  2. Going through such surgery in an unfamiliar country/environment most likely will stress you out more.
  3. Cheaper fees for surgeries might just mean you paid for additional stress of a badly done surgery.
  4. You might never be able to enjoy your vacation, as you will be busy healing; and forcing yourself might jeopardize your health.
  5. You are not able to confirm the quality of the facility and the expertise of the surgeons who will work on you.
  6. There will be no one available to help out in case of complications.
  7. No health insurance; and that might mean zero accountability from the hospital.

Traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery is a very serious issue just as the cosmetic surgery itself is a delicate one; so, you need to do an extensive research so you are sure you are making the right decisions.

Also, use referrals, speak with your in-country surgeon, and make sure the surgeons and the hospital are qualified.

Finally, make sure you request for all certifications and compare them with the local health standard.

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Pros and Cons of Having Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

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