Oh! Apps, Oh Apps!
They have made life easier and made living less cumbersome.

You don’t have to do everything manually, and it is possible to not bother about writing anything down, because you have apps to either do them for you, or remind you to do them.

Here is a list of apps every woman should have.

  1. Evernote: If you ever wished you has a personal assistant to help you organize all you do, then this would first on your list like it is on mine. This app lets you organize notes, to-do lists, images. Etc. on a platform and gives you the option of syncing across all your devices.
  2. Taxify: This is no brainier. It doesn’t matter if you have a car or sure of a bus station, you don’t want to ever get stuck anywhere. It would have been Uber if most of their drivers are not full of stories; plus Taxify seems more affordable recently.
  3. Clue: This is one of the most recommended apps by gynecologists/doctors. It simply monitors your menstrual cycle like a pro.
  4. Mint: If you need a personal finance app that syncs all your accounts, track your purchases, give you a full picture and information of your financial habit and standing, then this is your go-to app.
  5. Google Photos: Apart from being hungry, another thing I hate is when my phone tells me I have no more space to store my photos or videos. If you hate it too, this app solves that problem with a click.
  6. Headspace: Stressed out too often? You should get this app which helps you meditate. Meditation has been shown to promote subtle improvements in focus, attention and the ability to ignore distractions.
  7. Duolingo: One of my newly found hobby is learning new languages. By 2020, I want to be able to at least understand 2 new additional languages (Spanish and Mandarin). This app makes learning fun and addictive.
  8. CookpadOnce you enter your preferred language, you have access to over 3,000 different food recipes and over a thousand local recipes. It’s also very easy to use.
  9. Nike Training Clubif any company understands fitness, it’s Nike. This is your ultimate personal trainer with over a hundred workouts by Nike trainers. It can also be personalized based on your fitness goal.
  10. “Bank” App: And of course, you should have your bank app on your phone. Be as cashless as you can be and also, you shouldn’t totally trust that you would be able to make transactions with your cards. What if? 

There are tens of more apps you can get, but with these, you have almost every part of your life covered.
(Apart from fashion… I don’t own a fashion app. Most of their fashion advise is too much for me to handle. Lol)

Oh! And yes, a security app. I haven’t found one that works perfectly in Nigeria. (We need to fix power, SARS and database first).
Let me know if you do use one.

Happy Friday!

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10 Mobile Apps Every Woman Should Have
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2 thoughts on “10 Mobile Apps Every Woman Should Have

  • January 12, 2018 at 12:49

    whaoooo! Thanks Queen. I will sure try out some of these apps.

    • January 12, 2018 at 13:10

      💜… Thank you for reading. (Where have you been though, we missed your comments). Welcome back.


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