Google has over 90% of dominance in the  vital and lucrative business of internet searching.
This simply means has the ability to crawl and index almost all pages that exist, to give you exactly what you need.

As simple as you think is, you might just be robbing yourself of its power.

In this era where service is selling fast, people have become super lazy and reluctant to find information or tools that that they need, which is just lying on Google.

While it is strictly your business if you decide to pay for information you could have gotten for free if you only typed it on Google, it isn’t okay that some people are stagnant or stuck on an idea just because they don’t know better.

Knowing better is simply a search away.

However, people get frustrated if they search for certain information and they don’t get exactly what they want, some don’t even bother with the next pages. If it’s not on the first page, it doesn’t exist for them.

A scholar once listed out how to get the right information from Google, and here are his tips/tricks:


  1. Search keywords of the information you need and put them in ( : ” ” ~ – ..) For example, if you want to search for Forbes articles on richest African business men, between 2009 to 2015; simply type – :Forbes “richest African business men”  2009..2015 -World ~Business men

: Only searches the page of the site.

”  ” Searches for exact phrase, not each word apart.

– Excludes the word from the search.

Will search related words.

.. This shows the result strictly between the range of the defined time range.


2. Don’t ask google questions. Instead, think of the answer and search for the keywords that would be present in the answer, in the format in number one above. And if it’s a response by a name, remember to put the name in quotes.


3.  For definitions, simply put define in front of the word. Example; Define:Love


So, the next time you want to pay for a service; e.g meal plan, exercise videos, business plan or even want to pay to learn about a culture, language, cooking, make-up and any other information, make sure you have used up your Google option.

Even if you need a personalized information, at least try to familiarize yourself with the basic information so that you know exactly what you want from the person offering the service.

Photo Credit: Google Blog

3 Google Tips and Tricks That Will Change The Way You Search
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