Who’s ready for the weekend????
Yayyy! Lol
(Not like I won’t be stuck in front of my laptop, but at least, I will have my people in the house seeking for my attention… Lol).

Have you seen Red TV‘s Our Best Friend’s Wedding (OBFW)?

Okay, this one had me all ‘butterflied’ up and maybe because actors were not the regular faces, I enjoyed it more.
Hands down has my vote as the best web series in 2017.

I actually ENJOYED it so much that I voted nonstop for Oreka Godis last year when she was nominated for ‘Best TV Lead’.

The episodes are not so long and has a unique, sincere and real feel to it.
You would not be able to stop until you are done, I promise.

It was refreshing for me, and I loved Oreka Godis, Gbemi Olateru-Olagbabi and Adebola Olowu (lllRymz)’s acting so much. I can’t imagine them not being friends real life. Lol

Anyway, here is season 1 (Episodes 1 to the finale -11), for your viewing pleasure this weekend.

Watch the other episodes here.

I haven’t seen SGIT – Skinny Girl in Transit though, I hear it is very good too.

Movies, stories, music and art in generally don’t have to be boring and stereotyped.
Have fun creating, because if you do, we will too.

Photo Credit: RedTV

Binge-Watch OBFW this Weekend | MY Best Web Series in 2017
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