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I am constantly looking for information as regards to taking care of my hair, because of my goals for the year is to have my hair back and better.

Like I mentioned in a post on how to take care of your relaxed hair, I over-experimented in 2017 and that got my hair weaker and shorter.

So, I’m all for protective styles right now, and here are 7 of them.


1. Ghana Braids

Source: Instagram/Sandrasbraids

This is a great option because they allow you to wear a lasting hairstyle while your natural hair breathes.

They also don’t take too much of your time, and saves you salon time.


2. Box Braids

Source: Instagram/Sandrasbraids

With box braids, there is nothing you can’t do with them when you get bored. You can have them in pony tail, to the side or even weave them into a bun.


3. Crochet Braids

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This will even ensure you wear your hair longer than most of all the other styles.

With Crochet braids, all you have to do is keep them well hydrated and maintained to avoid tangling or getting rough easily.


4. Wigs

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Your wig options are endless and very accessible. All you have to do is either turn your old weaves into one, or look out to purchase more.

Wigs allow you to have your hair in a tight corn row, while you ‘slay’ away.


5. Bantu Knots

Source: Inatgram/shanillia26

If you can pull this off so good, they are a very good option. This is one hairstyle from the 90s that we will refuse to let go of.

I repeat, you need to get them done right, and must be ready to rock them right as well. Also, be ready for a little discomfort while you sleep if you don’t take precautions.


6. CornRows

Source: Instagram/shellyafrikhair

Cornrows are always classy, especially when creativity is let loose.


7. Senegalese Twist

Source: Instagram/touchesbynoel

This is the twin sister for Box Braids. Lol

Same convenience and benefit, except that you can make and take this off in lesser time than box braids.


Remember that you can switch up/repeat these 7 as many times as you want/need to, by making them in different sizes and types.

7 Protective Hairstyles For Black Hair
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