Contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction.

As much as this sounds like an everyday word, most people still struggle with this.
People struggle even unconsciously.

There is a big difference between working for more and not appreciating the little you have.

Some people are constantly nagging themselves and the things they have.
They are so discontented with where they are that they fail to see the little, but great progress.

However, everyone who wants to live a fulfilled and a happy life must deeply crave for a heart that is contented with whatever it has regardless of what it is exposed to.

Not only because it gives you a better perspective to life, but also because this transcends to other aspects of your life.

I have seen people who throw away a great relationship just because they want to feel like others by dating their type of men or having their types of friends, forgetting that everyone will always see another option; if not the word commitment and faithfulness will not exist.

The grass always looks greener on the other side, but you need to know that a heart that is contented with its state while working hard to be better, will be stable in its ways.

One of the best quotes I have heard in recent times is from the movie Fireproof.
Can’t remember how exactly it was said, but it simply explained that we are not to trust our heart to lead, because it is moved by what it feels, which most of the times are not exactly how it should.

We will be foolish to dance to the tunes of our heart when in actual sense, we should be leading it.

Haven’t you seen people who are doing good financially, yet engage in fraudulent acts?
Of course, they are not in poverty, but their heart is.

Their hearts are in constant want that they can’t appreciate the little things they have.

Every time you see something better than what you have, watch what your heart says to you; that way, you will be able to determine if it is contented and grateful or it isn’t.

Like I mentioned already, there is nothing wrong with wanting more, but it is wrong if that more is all that matters to your heart.

Live a grateful life and live your life in appreciation of the things it has.

No one has it all; the only difference is that they live like nothing else matters.

Simply put, all you will ever need, you have. It’s a matter of acknowledging it.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

A Contented Heart is a Heart Filled with Gratitude

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