Welcome to QueenYinka.com!

Everyone has a talent/gift in them, deposited for a purpose bigger/greater than them. And we all have to find ways to express them; or they will make us feel empty/unfulfilled.

QueenYinka is an avenue for me to use my writing talent to make women know and feel better.
(To bring out the QUEEN in every woman because every WOMAN is a QUEEN).

QueenYinka was born August 2016 as F-Queens.com while working as a Sales/Marketing Executive in a multi-national company, but was changed July 2017 to QueenYinka.com, after I quit to focus on nurturing my ‘Writing’ talent.

I wanted a name that was easy to spell/remember and that carried my identity. I didn’t have a reason to hide my name again… Lol.
It was all I wanted to do and it is all I do.

My amazing team and I work daily to make QueenYinka.com the best and most preferred blog by women.

Our aim is to equip every Queen with all information needed to be all they can be.
These Information covers almost all aspects of her Queendom (Fashion, Inspiration, Lifestyle, News, Recipes, remarkable stories of Kings and many more).

Every article/story you read here has been carefully posted.
We do not do filler stories and we will rather have less posts than post what we are not comfortable or proud of.

We hope you love it here as much as we do.