It’s been a while when we edified each other.

As crazy as this world is, I like to tap into the wisdom of women that have through the fire of life and have come out looking like gold.
Not because they didn’t get hurt, but because they shined through it.

And Sarah Jakes Roberts is one of those people who definitely fits that definition.

She has gone through a lot, and she has shined through it; holding onto one of the best principles any woman can.

The Godly principle!

In this video, she talks about the feeling of being empty-handed and how we could view it and use it.

Please listen, you will be grateful.

(P>S – Like I always say to my Queens that are not Christians, please listen to the message, the words; they are equally as powerful).

Let me know what you think.

Video Credit: YouTube/TDJakes Channel

Empty-Handed? …Watch this video before you conclude
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