Fourteen year-old Aisha Isah is said to have mistakenly killed her 40-year-old cousin and husband in self defense.

Aisha was forcefully married off to 40 yr old Usman Isiaka as his 3rd wife about six months ago in Niger State.

She was said to have mistakenly hit Usman with a pestle on the head after he slapped her for confronting him on his failure to provide for her for two days.

What beats me the most in this story is that, according to punch, the other wives also said Usman doesn’t provide for their feeding, beats them if they asked and always told that they go back to their family to get food.

How does a man who can’t provide for his family allowed to marry 3 wives?

How comfortable are these men, that they can take as many wives, including clueless teenagers, intimidate them, yet, do not provide for them.

Even though I am not supporting murder for any reason, I still think this teenage girl didn’t set out to kill Usman as she hit him in self defense.

Of course we would expect her to act irrational as she is just 14 years old.

There is no way a fourteen year old can understand how to manage relationships between other women, nor can she understand how to cope with a man she is forcefully married to, a man who hits her, a man who has zero regards for her, a man who doesn’t provide for her, yet use her as a sex toy.

Every time I read stories like this, it reminds me of the hashtag #ChildnotBride.

I also remember my one-year service in a Northern village.
I can’t forget anyway.

I remember how there was always weddings between old men and teenage girls. (#ChildnotBride)
How it is expected that a girl is a ‘full-woman’ once she starts her menstruation and so must be married off. (#ChildnotBride)

(Real life).

If there is something I would do with my life eventually, it would be to help these Northern girls & women.

They need to break away from this tradition that allows them to get married as early as 10 years old, a tradition that doesn’t expect them to get any form of education, a tradition that shuts them up, a tradition that equates being a woman to lesser than a cattle, a tradition that generally beats them down.

This isn’t to beat down any culture, it’s just hoping that some day, some of us can leave the comfort of our homes to help these girls & women out.

The sad part is that 80% of girls and women in these places don’t see any problem with these practices.

Whichever way, they need HELP. (#ChildnotBride)

Photo Credit: Punch

#GirlnotBride: 14-yr-old killed 40-yr-old cousin she was forced to marry
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