Even though I love the #Team Natural Queens, I must say it isn’t for everyone.

At least I know it isn’t for people like me.
The way I struggle to comb my hair when I have little undergrowth will never make me consider going natural.

However, I have been careless with my relaxed hair.
In the last two years, I have had my hair colored in wine, gold, electric blue hair, and I currently have a light green hair. (Using different products). 😰

My hair is actually crying for help.

So, if you happen to be on this #TeamRelaxedTorturedHair with me, and your hair needs some reviving; you are welcome to follow these tips to keep your hair full and healthy.

(Relaxed hair simply means your hair has gone through controlled damage, in order to straighten it).

  1. Let a professional do the chemical handling of your hair. Don’t make uninformed decisions on products, and don’t touch up your hair by yourself.
  2. Don’t over process your hair, and don’t leave the chemicals on for more than the recommended time, just because it doesn’t hurt or feel right. Follow product instructions.
  3. Stick to low or no-heat styling. Applying heat from dryers, coiling irons, straighteners and the likes will only damage your hair and cause it to be very dry.
  4. Cover your hair every night to preserve the volume and body of your hair.
  5. Moisturize your hair by washing and conditioning/deep condition at least thrice a month to replace the loss of natural oils during relaxing.
  6. Choose protective styles to keep allow your hair retain moisture.
  7. Always have a trim. Trimming your hair regularly will mean you have little or no dry ends/split.
  8. Don’t use hard bristle brushes on your hair.
  9. Comb and brush as little as possible. The lesser you manipulate the hair, the better and stronger it turns out.
  10. Don’t switch relaxers, or any hair product if you don’t have to. This usually comes with serious consequences.
  11. Stick to a strict timeline for relaxing your hair. Don’t do it more than 3 or maximum 4 times a year.

I hope you find this helpful.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

How To Take Care of Your Relaxed Hair
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