I look back at how I chose to live and most times I am unhappy with the way I robbed myself of happy memories.

I think I was too emotional about the decisions I made, and how unhappy I let myself live.

The way I allowed myself to live was almost like I went through the most horrible experiences, when for a fact, people that went through worse lived even happier.

It then became reality to me that you do not get the days/years you waste on sorrow back; you only continue to live with the little memories you were able to create.

Since this reality check, I have told myself that life is a journey, and just like any journey, there are highs and lows.
The highs are to be celebrated and the lows are to be enjoyed/lived as well, not endured.

If you have ever been on the road for over 10 hours, you will know that if you lived any part of the journey too conscious and unhappy of the bad road, risks, people around you, or any other factor; you are in for the longest, most-frustrating ride of your life.

And that’s the same with life.
There is no need to let these things get into you. They might get to you as the human that you are, but you determine if they are allowed to change everything about you.

I once met a young man who had the most horrible childhood I know. Yet, he is one of the most adorable and genuinely caring persons that I know.

I chatted him up recently just to ask him how he was able to be this person, despite what life threw at him repeatedly.
He answered that he doesn’t know how not be this grateful and happy.

His perspective about his life is very interesting. He never allows himself brood over these things.

He said they happened for whatever reason, he couldn’t control or stop them, but he had a choice to either let them ruin him or let them go and live like they never happened.
He chose the later and he said he has been the happiest of person since he let them go.

I tell myself now that things could be worse and I could have even been dead, yet God will still be God; and Life will still be Life.

The fact hat I am alive means that they were not meant to kill me.
They will hurt and sometimes break me, but I must learn how to pick up myself and encourage myself that better days are ahead.

I must be able tot ell myself that although life is unfair, I am going to be just fine.

And while trying to figure out or perhaps wait for the great part, I am going to indeed live joyfully.

I am going to create memories that I will be proud of.

I want to be a happy/bubbly person, not only because I want people around me to always contact the joy, but also because I want to be by myself and burst into songs and dance moves just because I am indeed happy and joyful.

Everyone, regardless of what life has thrown at you, or will throw at you, can be happy.

It might be hard, but so is unhappiness which eats deep into your soul.

You can be genuinely happy despite all that seems wrong around you.
You should choose to be happy and live a day at a time, knowing that although you can’t control these things, you have someone who cares about you with the Master Plan, and definitely won’t let it end in pain.

I love you and I pray for strength to live genuinely joyous.

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