Who says we are only allowed to appreciate women on Wednesdays?

Way back in University when I was still busy trying to figure out what side my heart sits, this young woman has been grinding.
Eniola Oduntan (popularly called Islanda back in school) was a serial entrepreneur and is still one.

She has been in the styling business for a while now, but launched her business logo/company profile recently, and I thought that one of the best ways to support would be by asking you amazing people to check her page out.

She is a fashion designer and stylist, a personal stylist who also sells ready to wear items, accessories, fabrics, and turbans.

Her Instagram page is @islandastyling. 
Please follow her for updates on her new designs and most importantly, order.

If everyone who reads this blog (from statistics), buys one of her designs this year, she would be a recipient of ELOY Awards 2018.
(She will do amazing whichever way; it is only a matter of time.)

And yes, I will be patronizing her too.

(P.S – this isn’t a paid advert and she isn’t a close friend (we haven’t spoken in over 3 years. This is simply appreciating and supporting a woman I know works hard).

If you get to read this Eniola, I hope it inspires you on days you get tired, never to quit or even take a break. We are cheering for you from afar; and the women fashion brand race will not be complete until Islanda Styling joins them.

So, we are waiting on you.

Here are few of her styles…

Photo Credit: Instagram/islandastyling

Islanda Styling: An Epitome of Hard Work and Determination

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