We added this category this week, just to appreciate men that are living their lives as an example to their boys. Men who are true Kings.

First to be crowned King would be Kirk Franklin.
Don’t you just love how he adores, respect and uplift Tammy?

I do.

People are fast to call the wives of ‘celebrities’ and successful men in general, trophy women because there is hardly limelight on what they do.

And it is mostly because these men seem to only speak of their Queens when they are only supporting them.

When you see a successful man go out of his way to show his wife’s strength, to promote her business/career and all, give such men the KING title.

Only Kings are so comfortable that they allow their Queens shine as the Queens they are; and not just as the King’s wife.

Photo Credit: Instagram/KirkFranklin

KINGS 👑: All Hail King Kirk Franklin 👑
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