Do you know Warren Buffett was already a billionaire before Forbes found him?
Yes, he was.

He is on our Kings episode because his quietness is worthy of emulating.

He was said to have been able to achieve that because he was living a quiet a life. No wonder all his friends, including the Gates, always mention him as one of the best people to be around.

Who is Warren Buffet?
Read all about him here.

In essence, you need to know that it is okay to enjoy success quietly; so that you would have grown and established who you are, what you want to do and who your real friends are before the noise.

I read Bisola Aiyeola’s new year message, and one of the most profound thing she said was that she has realized that success has so many friends, and you must be careful whose advice you heed.

That only made me think about the unnecessary exposure we sometimes drag ourselves in, even when we are not ready to deal with it, or even know how to.

This is just a little reminder to tell you to learn to win in silence this year.

It’s okay to win in silence, and although success would lead to fame eventually, just make sure the fame comes when you can handle it.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Warren Buffett

KINGS 👑: Warren Buffett The Quiet Billionaire
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