If you have ever had a sick family or close friend, you will understand that loving is truly an action word.

You are bound by love, to be there for them either it is convenient or not; and although not everyone will take up the responsibility, we all should.

I have a friend whose dad has been sick for over 20years and the mother has had to quit her job to nurse him.

She does it with so much joy, and although sometimes you see that she is stressing, she tells the kids that she doesn’t know how not to stress.
In her words, “This is why God made me his wife, I can’t fail God and fail my husband too”.

God bless her soul and heal everyone going through one ailment or the other.
(Isn’t the world going to be better if no one was sick? Whew!).

Anyway, today’s post is about Uriel and how she has embraced her mum’s situation, yet shows the world how tough it is to stick it through happily.

Her mum is suffering from Dementia.
A broad category of brain diseases that cause a long-term and often gradual decrease in the ability to think and remember that is great enough to affect a person’s daily functioning.

I applaud her heart and I pray for continued and conscious joy for her and her family.

Also, I hope this inspires someone sticking it through for a friend, family or partner out there that you are doing the right thing.


Here are some of her Instagram posts that got my heart:

Even though your sick and you most times you are confused and scared you always support me,You follow me to work interviews and shoots. Even though you sometimes forget how to walk, I will always be your legs I will take you any where you want to go.. push you on your wheel chair fast or slow. Even though you can't remember how to cook, mummy no need I learnt from the best I'm all you need that's the truth. Even though you can't dress or wash your self,mummy pls don't worry every day is your spa day.. plus I love being your stylist. Even though you forget how to pray Your Amen is enough you raised a prayerful daughter. I love you sooooo much Even though Dementia wants to take you from me.. just know I have memories to last a life time. Happy sunday yaaay . Feeling blessed IN ALL GIVE Thanks My inspiration. Mrs Blessing Jerry Oputa. Photography by @Derekchukwuphotography #dementia @Alzheimersresearchuk #Dementia #love #family

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Love Is An Action Word | Uriel is ‘Goals’
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