Oh my! It’s been long I watched a Nigerian film and felt this much smitten.
Yes people, I am smitten.

If you have seen my reviews, you will know I have no reason to hype or not to hype any movie. I simply tell you how I felt watching the movie.

This movie, The Royal Hibiscus Hotel, mehn! I am smitten.

Can we please just accept that Mo Abudu and the Ebony Life Films are not here to joke.
They might have had a little hit and miss here and there, but this just makes me take them more serious.

I am a hopeless romantic, and happily so; this movie does my heart justice.

You know that feeling you have when you kiss your crush for the first time? Or how you crawl into a corner of your room after a date with a crush, all by yourself remembering all the sweet words he said to you? Or perhaps how you let yourself feel all you felt when he touched you while on a date?

Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel with this movie. Lol.
I am smitten; but let’s break it down to the usual. {Cinematography, soundtrack, casting, script and plot}.



Okay, so I think I need to take cinematography off my list with Ebony Life Films. Their movies are very clean. Pictures are crystal clear, the music was perfectly balanced, and the voices were not overshadowed.
I give it a 9/10.



Whoever picks the songs, especially the Nigerian songs for Ebony Life Films, needs to start a career as a DJ. Lol.
The songs… Oh my! The song choices were great. It sets the right atmosphere; and that ‘our’ theme song, it killed it all.

This is a easy 10/10 for me.



Where do I begin?
This is the best Ebony Life films as regards casting. They didn’t have too many people, and they had just right persons; and they didn’t have characters appear just to make scenes longer.

Of course I am going to start with the lady of the movie. Zanaib Balogun; O Zanaib, her skin, her acting, her accent; everything about her was super perfect for this role.
She acted as though she was narrating the true story of her life.

If I am told it’s her story, I wouldn’t even doubt it. She was that good.

Kenneth Okolie, erm, where have you been? And how is it that your body is so ripped? How are you looking so macho, yet speak so softly and act so seductively? Oh my! And he is such a good actor, perfect for the role.
(You can tell I have a new screen crush right?).

Deyemi Okanlawon has always been a good actor, and so I wasn’t surprised at how great he was in that role. They couldn’t have had anyone play that silly but important role.

With Kemi Lala akindoju, I must confess that I am quite indifferent about her as an actor, and this is actually the first time I am watching a full movie in which she played more than a few scenes. She was good. She knew how she wanted to be play her role, stayed true with it and played it the best way anyone could have. I think I will be looking out for more of her movies.

Racheal Oniga and Jide Kosoko, great chemistry and they played their role quite well too. I thought Racheal was a little extra at some places, almost like wanting to be a Sola Sobowle; but maybe that’s how she acts too. I haven’t really seen many of her movies to know her style and maybe I couldn’t stop imagining Sola Sobowale in that role.

She did well, and Jide did great too.

OC Ukeje  is forever a great actor; especially when he plays the lover boy role. He plays his role too well, and he made it believable that Felix was truly in-love.

Olu Jacob and Joke Silva, perfect combination, perfect role. Not too much, not too less. It felt real because we know they are a real couple.

I score the casting a 9/10.


Script and Plot

Of course, like most RomComs, I knew how the movie would end, even though I didn’t know how exactly it will unfold. However, I still was able to enjoy the process. I didn’t want to forward or cut out any scene. The script is good; and although our average love story, it still had drama that kept me to my seat happily.

There was really no character I would take off and I wouldn’t change a thing about the narrative.

I score this a 9.5/10.



In conclusion, this movie is a good one, and if you love a RomCom, you should see it.
The story might sound basic if narrated, but it is actually well executed and they made sure we felt everything they felt.

(I remember the salt scene, we all wanted to cry – we wanted our dear Ope to shine and to be happy)… Lol.
You need to watch to understand.

I love it and I hope you will too.

P.S – This review, is totally my opinion.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Moabudu

MY Review of ‘The Royal Hibiscus Hotel’ | #RomCom
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2 thoughts on “MY Review of ‘The Royal Hibiscus Hotel’ | #RomCom

  • February 12, 2018 at 09:19

    Good Job queenyinka! This is a must watch film for me

    • February 12, 2018 at 11:47

      Thank you…and yes, you will absolutely enjoy it. Thanks for reading.


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