So, I bought the hype of one of the most anticipated movie in 2017, The Wedding Party 2 and I wasn’t going to let today go by without watching.
(Thanks to my girlfriend who had it covered).

And No, I didn’t have to bother about the crowd because we already planned to go straight to Ozone Cinema where we were quite sure the crowd wouldn’t be too crazy. (And we were right, the crowd was not bad).

Anyway, we were allowed to go in about 10mins before the time and I almost ran inside because I was so pumped and could not wait to see it.

Seated and waited patiently for the many adverts to end so we can start the party, and yes, when a Davido’s song came up, everyone shouted ‘Yayyyyy”.
We were all ready for the party.

As a writer, I had a plot in my head and was secretly hoping there was a twist to the obvious story everyone had in mind.
Did it? Ermmm! read on…



I LOVE clean movies, and although our Nigerian films are getting there; we still have a long way to go. This, however, was good. The pictures were crystal clear, the music balance was great and didn’t overshadow the voices. I will give this a 8/10.



Song choices in movies most often determine the emotion of the viewers. If the music is bad for me, I’m already pissed sef.
The songs were all great, especially because they were all Nigerian songs and yes, we make great party music. (My favorite soundtrack is Seyi Shay’s Yolo Yolo). This is a 7/10 for me.



Ok, so here is where I think I began to get a little cold. There were tooooooooooo many people that in my opinion didn’t need to be there.

As a matter of fact, I would give casting a 5/10; not because they didn’t act well, but because they were tooooo many (I repeat).

Just to mention a few, I will start by saying my favorite character is Sola Sobowale for the obvious reasons. Lol.
She is such an entertainer, she knew when to add or pull back. She was the life wire of the movie for me, and I am not sure I would be happy typing this review if not for her. I loved her character and her acting.

Eyinna Nwigwe was a cute groom and his actions perfectly matched his character (if you know what I mean). He was good.

Daniella Down all of a sudden became the serious girl. Lol.
In part one, she wanted a Nigerian prince so bad that she was free and happy, in part two however, she is more serious, maybe the reality hit her. Love her acting.

Zanaib Balogun as Wonu didn’t really do much, but the little she did, she was Wonu (If you know you know). Although I feel like they had to make sure she had a role in this part two because unlike the first part, I can’t really say we needed her wedding planning service.

Ireti Doyle was her elegant and professional self. She isn’t as savage as she was in part one (which is what I loved the most about her character); but she was Mrs. Onwuka and did her thing.

With Banky and Adesuwa, I already know what is happening in real life, so with every of their scene I was too busy looking for signs to show they were smitten as we know. Lol.

Banky however, acted better in part one for me. (I could tell he wanted to laugh in some places, and his eyes were distracted and sometimes different from his actions).

Adesuwa was so pregnant, she was good with it. Not the usual way of exaggerating pregnancy, she was a yummy mummy-to-be. Lol

Ali Baba and RMD, good too.
(Nothing to say, sorry).

I am a Patience Ozokwor fan, but not sure why she was introduced. I get it, but I don’t get it still.

The bride’s parent were spectacular. I get so mad when we put foreign actors who can’t even say a line without acting like they were reciting a poem in our movies. These guys, however, acted so well. Even their wedding planner tried to pull a Wonu nicely.

I repeat, there are many other characters that I can’t even be bothered about because I think they were not really needed. Almost like a celebrity re-union, but I feel like they didn’t need to be there.



Even though I feel like more dialogues could be given to many more characters, and some scenes needed to have been scrapped while some added, I think it was still a good job. I give it a 6/10.



It is a great comedy and I had a good laugh and the plot was okay, not great. I still love the part one more though, because there is something about that part that screamed proper Naija wedding party.

The Wedding Party 2 is a movie about two people who found love and got married; and not necessarily about the wedding party… (I hope you get what I mean).

The magic in the first part was because the one day event was captured so perfectly that it was almost like we were watching someone’s wedding.

Not bad, but give me the first part anytime any day.

Also, there were so many scenes that I didn’t think was necessary and at a point, you would want to press the fast forward button if you had the remote.
It dragged.

I would score the plot of this movie a 5/10. Sorry!


In conclusion, I watched the first part about 3 or 4 times, I might watch this again… or not.
I would have loved it to be like the first part, where we appreciated and got the joke on how weddings are crazy in Nigeria.

This love story isn’t as unique, and maybe if they did it in a way where it was about the bride’s wedding culture; just as the first was about our wedding culture, maybe we would have accepted the wedding party theme.

Simply put, there was really no party in this wedding story. It’s a love story.

Just because I am biased towards the part one, I would give The wedding Party 2 a 6.5/10.
(Yes, it’s not bad and you should watch. Well-done to the cast and crew, they should be proud of themselves).

P.S – This review, is totally my opinion.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Moabudu

MY Review of ‘The Wedding Party 2’ | Hit or Miss?

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