Miss Nigeria is celebrating its 60th anniversary and a new Queen will be crowned on the 21st of Dec and I just couldn’t help but think of how tough the boot-camp might be.

I saw some short videos on Instagram, showing the goodbye moments of the ladies that quit.
It got me emotional.

See ehn, growing up if you mention the word ‘modelling’ I could spit in your face.

I didn’t understand that it was more than just being judged by the physical beauty, and even now that I know, it doesn’t feel better.

I always imagined the sexual harassment they would go through; and although it happens in all fields; these girls must have the highest occurrences.

They not only have zero control about what anyone thinks of them and how they look, but also do not decide what to wear.
(At least until you are an Oluchi or close, I hear you can’t).

Also, they have to look and maintain a certain weight at all cost.

A friend of mine who was a model, said most agencies don’t tell you how much you will be paid for a job until the alert hits your account.

Of course, if you ask too many questions, you are seen as a problem client and there are hundreds of models waiting to take your job at no cost sef.
(Just for the experience).

I remember some years ago while I was an Account Manager, I went to visit a client of mine who runs one of the biggest modelling agencies in Nigeria, and that day the models were rehearsing or auditioning for a show.

Anyway, my client asked that we have the meeting at the rooftop where they having the whole thing, and although I didn’t understand why he chose such place for a discussion that would cost his company millions of Naira, I still obeyed. (Not like I had a choice).

As we walked past the girls who were all in their bikini, to get a sit in a corner, I just heard a slap and a sexual remark.

This Chief slapped a model’s bum on our way with zero regard or care that I was there.
(I wanted to faint. For real!).

The lady was obviously embarrassed, and only said ‘Hello Sir’.

I looked into her eyes, expecting her to say more; then it occurred to me that Chief was her ‘Oga at the Top’ and she dares not.

Also, I realized after the meeting with the remarks and the way he talked about the ladies sizes with recklessness that he must be sexually harassing most of them who might just be sticking there for the pay, experience and exposure.

And that just confirms that my concerns on modelling are valid.

That is not to say every model gets harassed, but the probability must be very high.


I don’t judge them or judge their choice of job, but I just can’t help but imagine what they would be going through with these types of men.

And yes, sexual molestation happens in every career, but mehn! I can only imagine what these ladies have to put up with.

Anyway, wishing these Queens the very best and may the best one be crowned.
(How do you even determine whose beauty is better sef! Phew!)

Photo Credit:Β Instagram/missnigeriaorg

(Naija) Modeling is not for the faint-hearted πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“
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