If you have spent one day in the media sector, you will know how tough it is to stick to a faith-based business, especially when the world is becoming less vocal about their faith.

It is not that they don’t ‘do’ faith, it is just that most do not acknowledge it, or see the reason to even mention anything about it.

However, Bola Olawale has been holding it down for a while with Gem publication. A publication that publishes two magazines; Gem Woman and Gem Man. – Two contemporary lifestyle magazines that offer practical insights on all spheres of living and currently has over 200,000 reader base.

She has an unrelenting passion for women and inspiring people in general. She lives her life, showing that she is committed to restoring dignity to womanhood.

The host of the annual Body, Soul and Spirit (BSS) program, Two Become One, and the Single Ladies’ Conference; and is also a renowned counselor and public speaker.

She is a graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Lagos, married to Pastor Kunle Olawale and are both blessed with four children.

This is just an encouragement to anyone who is passionate about something that seems not generally accepted or ‘lucrative’, it might be faith-based or not; just push through.

I always say once there is a vision, there is a way to make it happen. (It even makes itself happen, once you take the action).

Also, if you are already in that line, don’t be discouraged or distracted. Keep pushing it.

Don’t measure success by the numbers of your competitors who seemingly have made it bigger, stay true to your art.

The true success lies in the heart, knowing that you fought hard and made your purpose happen.

Finally, another thing that I noticed from her social media pages, and of course her magazines is that she is unafraid to celebrate the type of women she wants to.

We all need to eventually choose a side, and go all the way to the side that we choose.

I say again, stick with your vision.

You know I have to show you a few of her photos right? (Just so you meet her different sides, if you haven’t before).

Here they are.

Photo Credit: Instagram/bolanlegemwoman

Only a Gem can Celebrate Gems | Bola Olawale blazing her trail

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