I woke up this morning, and the first words from my mouth (heart) were, “I am not a quitter and I am not a failure”.

I slept last night a little unhappy with myself, because every time I make a headway as regards my weight, there is always one weekend when I throw it all in the bin and eat super unhealthy.

Most of the times, once that happens, I get so discouraged that I would continue in that unhealthy habit for a while, before deciding to return after I must have heard two or three people tell me how much I was adding weight back again.

However, this morning I woke angry at the fact that I failed this weekend to eat healthy, but I also woke up determined to get back on track.

This weight thing might not sound like a serious issue, but it is for me because I keep telling myself that I can do anything; and if I can’t get this right then I might start thinking that there are certain things I might just never be able to do.

And I don’t plan to have the word impossible in my dictionary.

I want to face every challenge with the mindset that I am victorious already and all I have to do is put in the right work to get the crown.

Also, for me the weight loss isn’t just because I would like to lose some weight to look better (part of the reason), but it is also that I imbibe a healthy eating culture so well that my family joins.

So, I am not going to quit or just start living the #curvy life just because I think I cannot get to the size that I really want.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with living the curvy life, if that’s what you really want, but that’s not what I want.

I am so uncomfortable when I add weight, not just physically but also mentally.

It does nothing for me.
Therefore, I need to be at the right weight for me to function right, even emotionally.

This article is definitely not to rant about my weight loss journey, but to tell you that everyone has at least an aspect of their life where they are constantly trying to put together, but always seem to fall behind the lines.

Don’t give up.

It doesn’t matter how many times you have tried to make things work, or at least get them working; what matter is that you are not ready to give up on them.

It also doesn’t matter if someone else has theirs in the bag, what matters is that you are also not giving up on getting yours in the bag as well.

Keep forging ahead, no matter how long it takes, and no matter how many falls you’ve had.
Stand up every single time you fall, with the heart that knows that anything worth keeping is worth fighting for.

Fight for your dream. Fight for your life. Fight for your future.

Don’t settle.
Don’t be that woman who gave up her gold for a metal, just because the road to acquiring her gold is rough, lonely and tedious.

You were built for this challenge, you were made for this life.

And all that energy and power will go to waste if you give up.
It might even set you up for destruction because it will look for other not important ways to exhaust itself.

Every day is a new day; and every new day is the opportunity to start a new life or to continue from where you stopped.

I say don’t even take breaks, because sometimes those breaks will make it seem like you can settle with what you have.
Don’t take them.

Keep fighting to make sure you are what and where you want to be.

Someone is watching, and you are probably the reason they haven’t given up.
Do it for yourself too.

Stand up, chin up, shoulder high and start again.

Happy new week Queens! Conquer each day with joy.

Queen’s Drive: I am not a Quitter and I am not a Failure
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