An uncle is said to have beaten and thrown his niece from the bed because she excreted and urinated on her body; and although the girl did not die, she was in coma for two months and sustained internal injuries.


According to punch, the girl was rushed immediately to the hospital and was later referred to LASUTH where she had to go through surgery from the internal head injury sustained.

The said uncle has been arrested and, although pleaded not-guilty, is still expected to return to court October 9 as he was released on bail after he was asked to pay five hundred thousand Naira with two sureties.

And this just reminds me of how important it is to master our emotions, especially anger.

We need to know how to greatly control our emotions that we are able to stop when need be, in order to avoid issues like this.

While it may seem like the man intentionally wanted to hurt the young girl, it might not be so.

It most likely is a case of extreme anger and most probably lack of anger management.

In the story as well, the wife of the uncle, who reportedly alarmed the police, said she has warned him couple of times to stop beating the child, but he didn’t listen.

And this brings me to point two, know your break point.

No matter how much you master your emotions, you should know when the line is too thin to hold you up.

If something is terribly annoying you about someone, it doesn’t matter who the person is, take a break from the person and then talk to someone you respect or a professional who can help you through the process of dealing with those issues.

For this Uncle it’s the fact that his brain could not process why a girl of that age still excretes and urinates on her body, and no one can judge the way anyone feels about anything.

This same man will also most likely be a father that unreasonably beats his kids for the same offense.
Maybe not as hard as he beat his niece, but I am sure it will be close to.

Don’t deal with your demons while you have its food placed before it because it will definitely strive to want to feed before it allows you kick it out.

This is the same thing I tell people who beat their maids so hard because of the many horrible things they do.
Don’t keep beating until it turns to these kinds of stories.

Don’t get to that point that you are not able to stop, keep your distance and work consciously on yourself.

Accumulated and uncontrolled anger is like a hungry lion that will do anything to make sure it is satisfied.

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Sad! His ANGER Sent His Little Niece To Coma
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