Being grateful is simply to be deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received.

And you should wake up daily with a grateful heart. Deeply appreciative of the gift of life.

Although it can be hard to wake up feeling grateful if the previous day was a mess, or if you are doing a job you absolutely hate to go to, or perhaps slept on some bad news, or maybe the condition of where you even slept didn’t allow you the luxury of good sleep.

It’s harder when you are faced with a deadline for something that is beyond your power and tougher when you are going through the worst phase of your life.

However, you have been given a gift that everyone didn’t get. And it is the gift of opening your two eyes.

Even if you are sick or don’t feel great, you have been given a new day that can change everything around. A new day with new hopes, new expectations, new blessings, new challenges to overcome, new opportunities and many more new exploits.

It is a sign that LIFE isn’t over for you yet. A sign that you are meant for something far greater than what you have seen.

I know some situations are so bad that you wish you were dead, but deep down, you know you are grateful you are not. So, act like you are appreciative of it.

The only way to cherish a gift is if you appreciate it. And a gift not appreciated cannot be fully utilized.

You are not a quitter and you will do just great if you go out today with full expectations.

Therefore, as you wake up today, live with the consciousness that you have been given a new day for an amazing reason.
Be grateful!

Like a friend says, ‘You can get drugs to make you sleep, but none can wake you up’.

You are awake Queen, be grateful.

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Start The Day With a Grateful Heart | It’s a Gift 🎁🙇‍♀️
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