Is it too late to have share who has our Style Limelight for this week?
Of course, I don’t think it can ever be too late as well.

This week’s Style Limelight would be the amazing mother of three who’s till looks like a cute secondary school girl. Lol.

Amara Kanu is our Style Limelight, not because I would love to keep the type of healthy lifestyle she preaches, but also for going selflessly out this week, to make sure enough people are aware about the slavery going on in Libya, and also creating an avenue to sign a petition.

Have you seen the heart wrenching videos and photos?

May God help us blacks to be able to make sure that we create a conducive environment to live in, and then bless us with contentment to appreciate what we have.

Here is a link to the petition, please take out few seconds to fill; and you can also read more about it by using the hashtag ‘slaverystillexist’ or ‘stopslavery’ or ‘slavery’ on Instagram.

You can also just google ‘Slavery in Libya’, as many news outlets like CNN have footage that will show you that you need to help.

Photo Credit: Instagram/amarakanu

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