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Thanks for all those who checked in, the funeral went great.
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Back to Work!

For the remaining Sundays in December before Christmas, we will be having our Christmas edition where we give you ideas on what you can cook differently or perhaps add to your already delicious list for the break.

And of course, to start the edition is the ‘symbolic’ protein for the season, Chicken.

We will run through the list of foods you could make from Chicken. Particularly, eight of my all time favorite.

Thanks to Dobbys signature for the list and recipe.

Here they are:

  1. Chicken Stir-Fry

Chicken stir-fry is one of my favorites not only because it is very simple to make, but also because it allows you to control the amount of peppers and vegetables you would like to add. It is also calories friendly. (The more calories I can cut out, the better for me -as far as it is nutritious).

You can get the recipe here.


     2. Whole Roast Chili Chicken

One of the few reasons I always looked forward to photos of the ‘Thanksgiving Holiday’ celebrated by the Americans, is because of the way they have mastered roasting and showcasing turkey in one piece.

So, the opportunity to recreate that with my chicken during Christmas is definitely an option I loved.

Here is a simple recipe to roast your chicken whole.


      3. Chicken Coconut Curry with Shrimp

I must say I am not a curry fan, but I love shrimp and I love coconut. So, I know, having this combo with a Chicken curry will definitely turn out good.

I will be trying this recipe, will you?


      4. Chicken Suya

Who doesn’t love Suya? It’s an appetizer, a snack and dessert in one… Lol.

Here is an easy recipe to making chicken suya.


      5. Chicken Tomato Stew

‘When in doubt, opt for chicken stew”. Lol

If you are not sure your guest will appreciate your other spices and chicken recipe, just make this delicious chicken tomato stew.

It is one of the most common Nigerian foods; and it is usually served with white rice.


      6. Crispy Fried Chicken

If you will be making rice dishes, you might want to have this crispy fried chicken to compliment the dish.

It’s also a good option if you are looking for a chicken finger food recipe; as it is easy & delicious to snack on without getting your fingers messy.

Here is a good recipe.


     7. Chicken Pops

Looking for a chicken snack or meal for your kids to enjoy?
Look no further! Chicken pops to the rescue.

Here is an amazing recipe of chicken pops served with the Nigerian taste to it.


      8. Chicken Sharwama

We wrapping up the list with the amazing ‘WRAP’.

Chicken Sharwama, also known as Pita Chicken Wrap is one of the most popular Nigerian snacks (more like meal because it’s very filling).

I like mine more spicy, but here is a good recipe to work with.

Hopefully, you find something more to do with your chicken this break.

Photo/Recipe Credit: Dobbys Signature

Sunday Recipe 🍲: 8 Chicken Inspired Recipes | Christmas Edition

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