Thank God it’s Friday Queens!
Let’s start it up by warming up our lungs with laughter, in anticipation of an amazing weekend ahead.

So, I am a fan of Instagram, not just because of the many ‘amazing’ lives that show you that life can really be better, but also because it’s a place to laugh for real, and for free.

We have some really talented Instagram comedians, but my favorite skit for the week would be… No, it has to be skits because I can’t decide between these two skits.

Of course, it’s by my G (Lol), Maraji.

Sheย has been consistent and hardworking; and one of the reasons she is probably going to be here for a while.

Even when she is running an advert, you don’t know. She still makes it about her and the comedy and not the product. Yet, you get the message she is trying to pass about the product.

I keep saying, no shortcut for hard work.

Enjoy the skits (if you haven’t seen them yet).


Photo Credit:ย Pixabay
Video Credit: Instagram/maraji_

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