Whew! I thought I would be able to look back on the 31st of December 2017 and highlight some of my memorable experiences for 2016, but I was too busy eating and resting..

However, I will like to share one of the toughest experiences of 2016.
A moment that broke me.

I had just left my paying job and was managing my savings to do what was only important, and working day and night to get more freelance writing jobs to support me and the blog.

If you know how service freelance work, you will know that after you bid, you get the work done, submit and then get paid.

I have done this for years and although the risk is high, agencies try to minimize the risk by getting the client to pay a down payment which they hold and release to you after the work is done.

So, this client contacted me and needed me to work for him for a month.

At first because I had worked with the agency before, I wanted to agree; but then I told him I would only be able to work for two weeks and after I get paid, I would be able to extend for a month.

At that period, he wanted me to start immediately; but my laptop was messing up, so I asked him for few days to prepare.

I needed to put the blog in perspective, prepare the house as the working terms were quite strict and tough, and also bought a laptop to avoid unnecessary stories. I wanted to leave him with a good impression because I was looking for a long term contract eventually.

I worked for this client for the next two weeks like I have never worked in this short writing career of mine.

He would give me 8000 words topics and give me limited time with tens of SEO words to fix; and I would just not complain, but bury myself in it.

I worked SUPER hard.
I would sit at the same spot for 7 hours and more on some days without water, just so that I can make the deadline.

There was no way I took other jobs or even spoke with other clients. I put everything and everyone on hold. Even my family knew I had a project because I had limited ‘chat’ time.
I was always working.

Anyway, two weeks were over and I was looking to continue after I got paid, but on payday my client disappeared.

Yep… He went offline and blocked me from all forms of communication. He didn’t reply his mail, blocked me from Skype, his profile went inactive on the agent’s list, he went mute.
Gosh! I wept. I wailed. I slept. I was deep-soul sad.

(It still hurts).

The agency contacted him and they found out that he used a fake account and name, and he wasn’t from US; he was living somewhere in Pakistan.
Gosh! I was hurt.

I used my resources, my blood and time; and all I got in return was to be duped.

It’s different when someone dupes you of money (I have been duped before, so I know… Lol), but to be duped of your mental property? It’s the deepest pain I have ever felt apart from losing someone to death.

Of course I checked to see if my articles have been used, and yes, I found them on various sites. I contacted the blogs and companies who used the articles and they all showed evidence that my client was paid.

So what he did was, he got the job, asked me to do them, and then got paid and disappeared.

He offered me 1/4 of the amount he charged his clients and still couldn’t even spare some.

See ehn… The money wasn’t the hurt even though I needed the pay, it was the fact that he USED me.

I questioned everything, including God.
I was like ‘How you going to stay up there or in me, and let some animal cause me this much pain?’

But also, that period got me closer to God. I realized that it doesn’t matter how I felt, He is still God; and He owes me nothing.

I now know that every day and everything I have is a blessing. I don’t take anything for granted; even the payment of jobs done.

I think I stayed mad for weeks, but I still had to dust myself and look for more clients, understanding that the risk is the same. However, I am wiser.
Please pay me daily now, no more weekly or monthly. At least until I can trust you 80% or I know your physical address and I can get to you without getting on a plane or a visa.

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That time in 2017 when my LEMONS won’t turn to LEMONADE
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