So, it’s no more news that my dear Kevin Hart cheated on his ‘relatively’ new wife Eniko Hart πŸ’”πŸ’”.

One minute silence for ever believing he would never cheat on her!

Anyway, this article is actually me thinking out loud, pondering on what I would do if I were Eniko Hart.

First, I wouldn’t want anyone to preach forgiveness to me and I wouldn’t want anyone to preach ‘unforgiveness’ to me either.
I would want to do all the thinking by myself.

I probably will watch or read the evidence(s) for about a hundred times, just for loop holes to show that it’s a prank or perhaps someone somewhere just wants to soil my dear husband’s name.

Then in this case, I will listen to Kevin’s apology, probably hear him say all he has to say, since it’s now obvious he cheated.

I will then take a few days break from work to re-evaluate our lives as a couple. (All by myself, no phone, no kids, no work).
Would drop the kids with grandparents or family friends for the few days.

Afterwards, I will settle down and read the evidence again and again, play his words in my head again; and then begin questioning and investigation.

I will call him to stay online as we would chat or talk about day 0 to the end of the cheating era.

I will find out if he used condoms, where I was the day or days he cheated, what story he told me and also genuinely ask why he is sorry.

Since his words won’t really mean a lot right now, I would take an extra day all by myself to digest and dissect all we spoke about and also find out if he is only sorry for the press, or just because he got caught.

Depending on how deep or light these findings are, I will choose either to forgive from afar or forgive and truly forget.

(Yep! It’s my decision to make).

Cheating is deeper than the word ‘cheating’. It is a state of act that sometimes can never be explained to the one who was cheated on.

My major struggle is the fact that I don’t understand how you will cheat, and then look me in the face minutes later and profess love. How?Β πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

Cheating isn’t just a mistake, it’s deeper and I can only imagine the depth of pain Eniko Hart feels or felt.

One thing is sure though, TRUST might be gone forever.

Photo Credit:Β Instagram/enikonhart

Thinking out Loud! If I were to be Eniko πŸ’”HartπŸ’”…
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