Another reminder that you should go and get your PVC.

I am not even that old, Lol… And I remember when you could close your eyes and get these things because their prices felt like almost nothing. NOT AGAIN.

Do you remember when five Naira was so useful, that you would consciously keep it?

Those not so long years when you could get sweets, biscuits, water, candies, chin-chin, groundnuts and many more things with it.

Now ehn, you have to have multiple of the notes to be able to use one. Sad!

Do you also remember when these things were these prices?

  1. 1 Dollar – N150
  2. Biro – N10
  3. Pencil – 2 for N5
  4. Sadine – N100
  5. Chocomilo – N1
  6. Pure-water – N50/bag
  7. Sugar – N80
  8. Geisha – N100
  9. Biscuit – N5
  10. Tomato paste – N20
  11. Spaghetti – N60
  12. Groundnut oli – N1000/5ltr
  13. Grind pepper – N50
  14. Petrol – N65/ltr
  15. Indomie – N30

And so many more things.

Their prices now?

  1. 1 Dollar – N300 (ish)
  2. Biro – N50
  3. Pencil – N10
  4. Sadine – N250
  5. Chocomilo – N5
  6. Pure-water – N150/bag
  7. Sugar – N150
  8. Geisha – N200
  9. Biscuit – N15
  10. Tomato paste – N50
  11. Spaghetti – N150
  12. Groundnut oli – N2500/5ltr
  13. Grind pepper – N100
  14. Petrol – N145/ltr
  15. Indomie – N60

I’m sure you have many other serious things you can add to the list, Lol. However, I picked these little things to show you that if we don’t get serious about getting the right people into the office, we might not be needing our N20 notes again, like we hardly can get anything with our five Naira notes.


Photo Credit: CBN

ThrowBack To Few Years Ago When The Five Naira Note Was Useful
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