Where are these classics ooo…

My sweet Ekana Gowon, hard yummy sweet-alagabon, Aadun of life, Kulikuli alata and Tanfiri ijebu.
Kai! Loll

May I state at this point that if you don’t know these things, you don’t know it o. I don’t know their English names, and I really don’t want to. Lol.
I just want to have it remembered this way.

Is it because I live in Lagos, or these classics are truly in extinct? 😭😭😭

Isn’t it sad that the only classic snack these kids have is Gala… ehn! All they snack on are ‘Oyinbo’ things like chocolate, biscuits, chin-chin and the likes.

Anyway, I found the recipe of the classics and I am starting off with Ekana Gowon, then the others. (The fear of sugar/fat can’t stop me).

If you would like to as well, here are the recipes.

  1. Ekana Gowon
  2. Aadun
  3. Sweet Alagbon
  4. Tanfiri
  5. Kulikuli

Photo Credit:Β Recipe websites

Where are these Classics? (Ekana Gowon, Sweet Alagbon, Aadun… ) 😭😭
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