I was listening to one of the many good people I respect so much in terms of being focused on one’s journey; and he kept saying that; “What you see is what will keep you”.

At first I understood from the surface what he meant, but when I decided to meditate on it, it became really clearer and I will like to share.

Life is very busy.
Either very busy with you doing a lot, or with you busy worrying that you are not doing a lot.

Whichever way, you have to be prepared to hold on to your truth whenever you are faced with questions, hurt, opportunities, decisions and many more.

Everyone who is going somewhere in life must first be sure of the reason why he wants to be at that place.
There must be a vision statement which guides their life.

This statement is NOT subject to change.

It means that there might be so many routes to your final destination, but your destination must remain the same no matter the route you decide to take.

Also, the route in which you take to your destination must be the one that aligns with your vision.
While there might be many routes, not all are meant for you.

Furthermore, it is compulsory or perhaps important for you to understand what your vision statement and how it ties into your present assignment/job/work.
Knowing this will help you decide for yourself what you truly want.

You will be able to accept or reject opportunities irrespective of what people think.

There are times when life will throw us marshmallows and we will be glad to sit around the fire for an intimate party; and there are times when it will throw us swords, to fight our way through.

The amazing thing about having a vision is that you are the constant factor in it all.

Who you are in the battle days is the same person you are in the partying days.
You just don’t and can’t be a different person.

Situations will change, but your believe and your goal will remain the same if you know your ‘why’.

This, however, cannot be achieved by mere wish or confession.
You are only able to remain focused and unchanged because of the deep revelation of yourself that you have.

This deep revelation can only be gotten by you for you.

If you need time alone to be sure of who you are and what you want your life to be known for, please take that time out.

Finally, you must get to a point in your life that no matter how great an offer is, you are so strong in yourself to know exactly what is yours.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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