When I was a business development executive, one thing we were always expected to do was plan for the week.
Meetings, calls, mails and all those activities in between.

Most of the time, you are expected to give a detailed plan of what you expect to achieve at the end of the week spelling it out side by side with the expected results required of you by the organization.

I lost some of those when I left.

Not necessarily that I don’t plan again, but I think I lost planning with results spelt out.

I would plan on what to do, but I would only plan them so that I do them. I didn’t tie them to any result, thereby leaving them to either accomplish nothing or accomplish something.

That’s about to change!
I want to be able to pick up a pen on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings and plan what I intend to do for most aspects of my life in that week that will take me closer to achieving the goals I had written for the year.

What planning does for you is that it makes you very conscious of results.

Every time you spend outside the plan, you are conscious that they will not get you to the place you need to be.

You become more intolerant of time wasters, and time wasting.

You begin to see actions as a means to get to a destination and not just as a form of movement.

Someone once said that there are so any people doing a lot, but not enough to move them to where they are supposed to be.

How do you know that if you don’t tie your actions to a result?

This type of detailed planning also helps you to redefine your values weekly.
It gives you the opportunity to integrate your week the best way you can to show your values.

Another thing that is worthy of note is that when you plan with results spelt out, you are able to discern early if the path you are will bring you to your proposed destination.

You can’t afford to live every day or every week like they come.
Simply put, you can’t just allow your days happen to you, you have to happen to them.

Be determined that there is no day that you wouldn’t be able to account for.

Look back to last week, write down what you were able to achieve, that way you can score yourself and plan for this week.

This applies more to entrepreneurs, because you manage your time and you account for your time.
Please hold yourself accountable and to high standards.

The fact that you have yourself to account for, should be enough motivation to want to do justice to your time.

Remember that at the end of the day, you are the one who will either celebrate or cry over the result your actions produce.
Make sure you are doing enough to ensure it isn’t the latter.]

Finally, you will be able to replicate success when you know exactly what worked.

P.s – You can get a free workbook sheet here. Make sure to read the article as well.

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What’s Your Planned Result For the Week? (+Free Workbook Sheet Download Link)
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