I remember as a girl, I used to hate Valentine’s Day so much that I would not want to go out that day.
(Not to school, not to church).

I didn’t like it not because I had a particular encounter that got me upset, because it I never encountered anything that made it worth the hype.

Right from the secondary school, people would make noise about this day; and people will assure me of how my bag would be so full of gifts (as a fine girl that I was… lol) but lo and behold sisters, I never got a gift on this amazing day.

I would be so angry after each day, especially because the majority of my friends always got gifts from their other friends and from their admirers.

Of course I knew how tough I was with the boys, but I didn’t think it was that bad that no one would even risk giving me a card. Lol

Anyway, when I grew more independent, I started compensating myself by buying myself gifts and taking myself out on this lovely day; just so I don’t feel so bad.
However, I got to a time, I didn’t even care for the day.

I would be hyped, sometimes wear a touch of red and make noise with people about it, but that’s where it always ended. No gifts from people and no gifts to myself and I was not emotionally attached to it again.

At least not until I started working, and people would have cakes and flowers on their tables; and many gifts would be flying around; but my beloved table and bag was always clean and clear. Lol

I became angry again. Especially because of remarks like, ‘you didn’t get anything?’ ‘Aaahh, you are playing hard to get?’ and so on.
(Up until hubby, I didn’t get any gift o. Mschwww).

So, for me no Valentine’s Day mushy story.
Just a reminder of how horrible I used to be with dealing with people, especially boys. Lol

Lucky you if you have a mushy story.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all, and thank you for the love you show me by visiting this blog.
I wish you a fun, relaxing and lovely day ahead.

Don’t put pressure on yourself and on your loved ones for a perfect gift; just have fun and remember it is a day to celebrate love in the best way you can.

Don’t let all the ‘Range Rovers and Bentleys’ that will be flying around today cause you any emotional discomfort o.
Be happy for them, be happy for yourself and above all, be the LOVE we all need for everyone around you.

I’m going to be in transit today, but trust that I am going to be very active on my Instagram page (@queenyinka).

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Who Else Doesn’t Have A Valentine’s Day Mushy Story?

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