I have been thinking about this for a while now. I’m sure some of you as well.

Have you noticed that it is harder for the womenfolk to hit it off than it is for the menfolk?
Since I became conscious that women tend to naturally want to compete against each other, I have noticed how hard it can be to have an instant rapport with fellow women.

You know when you walk into a mall and you see a lady looking nice, as you walk to her section having in mind that you would compliment her if she looks at your side, then she spots that you are looking at her; as you tried to open your mouth, she gives you this ‘evil/suspicious’ look and walks off.

(It’s worse if she is with a cute man; she automatically thinks it’s the man you fancy).

Most often, you swallow whatever you wanted to say and pretend like you didn’t care for her each other; or maybe even return the favor by giving her the evil look back.

Some days in my case, I still go ahead to compliment and while some will go nice and soft grinning ear to ear, some others will say thanks like you just asked them for their soul.

However, it then became a concerning thought for me. So I took a conscious decision to try and hit if off with as many women I meet; even if I wouldn’t be meeting with them again. (Just so they know it is harmless letting their guards down around fellow women).

I am not talking about being friends with everybody, I am only talking about being kind to everyone.

When I’m driving and someone is being naughty on the road, usually I can be so hyper that I will decide to either waste your time by blocking you off, or consciously not allow you in my front (don’t judge me, blame the traffic); but if the person in the other car is a female, I tend to just relax instantly.
(Same if it’s a man who isn’t acting entitled).

I can’t say the same for other women.
It’s almost like women are ready to destroy each other once they spot that it’s a fellow woman trying to have her way.

So, why is it that we find it quite easy to go to war against each other?

I know women tend to have a lot of energy and if not treated right, will collide when in the same place, especially if they are going after the same kind of results; but how do men manage to be tender towards each other?
(Even when they are strong competitors).

Anyway, the next time you see a tall, fine lady driving a G-wagon, rather than wanting to block her with your Honda just, how about a thumb up from your car to tell her she has a nice ride?

Let’s begin to spoil ourselves silly. Let’s show each other some gentle love.

The competition is so tiring.
So tiring.

Even in religious settings or in schools (for parents), it can take a lot to break into each other’s arms if you don’t know each other before because most are trying to prove what doesn’t need to be proven.

There are times that I’m lost in thoughts and someone says hello, and while I saw them in my subconsciousness, it sometimes takes me minutes to realize that I didn’t respond; and so if the person is still around, I try to quickly say hello back. But if the person is gone and I make up my mind to say hello the next time, chances are if the person is a fellow woman, she already has her face up that next time, determined to ignore me.


Why are we like this?

Even in work places, women prefer male bosses, because women bosses tend to treat fellow women more harshly than a male boss.

Of course I am not a saint and I probably have mine, but I feel I know if we are all conscious of this clash of powers or energies, we will do better.

This is a reminder that you are not allowed to compete or ignore or hate your family; and every woman is ‘fam’ to you.

Hi Fam!

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Why do WOMEN find it easy to go to WAR with one another?
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2 thoughts on “Why do WOMEN find it easy to go to WAR with one another?

  • February 7, 2018 at 17:28

    So true! sharing this right away. apologies for my silence all this while, work has been hectic!!!
    I have worked with female bosses and and am presently working with one, I have only worked with a male boss but I can tell the difference, I would prefer a male boss 100times over a female boss. Though I wonder why we act up and behave like that towards one another! I dont have answer oooooo but my good guess is that it can start from ME!! in my attitude to my boss, colleague, friend etc

    • February 8, 2018 at 05:53

      Awww..hope work is good. And yes, we miss your comments. Thanks for reading and for the comment. It truly starts from each one of us.


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