Have you ever thought of going into politics?

Don’t be scared, you can.
And yes, you can as a woman and also as an African.

It might be tougher to survive the political sector as a woman, as an African and as a Nigerian; but so it is with other sectors as well.

There is no gender or age barrier in pursuing what you really want to do if you are ready to put in the work and plan right.

If 2019 seems too soon, you can plan to launch your career in 2023, but start laying the foundation now.

One of the youngest women in politics, and the youngest African woman to do it, is Ugandan Proscovia Alengot Oromait.

According to her Wikipedia page, Proscovia Alengot Oromait (born 1 January 1993) is a Ugandan university student and politician. She served as the elected member of parliament (MP) for Usuk County, Katakwi District from 2011 to 2016.

At age 19, she was the youngest member of parliament in Uganda, and on the African continent.

She was born in Katakwi District on 01 January 1993. Her father, Michael Oromait, served as the MP for the same parliamentary seat before his death on 21 July 2012.

She completed her high school (S6) at St. Kalemba Senior Secondary School in Kayunga District in December 2011. She was admitted to Uganda Christian University in Mukono, beginning August 2012.

After her father’s death, Alengot Oromait decided to contest the National Resistance Movement primary elections to replace her father, who had served as an Independent.

She won the primary and in the general elections in September 2012, she won with 54.2% of the vote. She is expected to juggle her undergraduate studies with her parliamentary duties for the next three years at the minimum.

Unmarried, Alengot Oromait belongs to the National Resistance Movement, the ruling political party in Uganda. She deals with such issues as the environment, education, health policy and gender issues.

One of her mentors is Jessica Alupo, Uganda’s Minister of Education and Member of Parliament (MP) for the Katakwi District Women’s Representative.

And of course, she has challenges too. She once said in an interview with BBC that she has challenges relating with the older people in the parliament, combining politics with school.

In her words, “I am having challenges in Parliament. Especially how to associate with these old people in Parliament. I leave my young friends and I have to associate with these old people in parliament to get advice… I divide my time. Because I have to go to school, go to parliament, look after my family and go to my constituency. It’s tough, but if you put God first, everything else can be done…

It’s always been my dream, and I believe that one day I will become the president of Uganda…”

So, be like Hon. Alengot Oromait.
Look for more mentors, learn from them and apply the information and knowledge to build your political career.

Remember to give us a shout-out when you start serving our great Nation in a political office.

(Nigeria needs more effective leaders, more women leaders, more youthful leaders. That leader can be YOU).

Photo Credit: Facebook/TheNewVision

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